Return journey

For the organisation of the journey, Fedasil works with the IOM (International Organization for Migration) or with its own booking cell “INTEL” to book the flights and accompany the migrants from the departure point up to the end destination and at any stopover if necessary.

The voluntary return programme is designed for migrants of all nationalities. The return journey is generally by plane. However, for European countries which do not require a visa, returns are organised by bus.

Facilitate the return

Everything is done to remove any obstacle which migrants may encounter between their decision to return and their actual return:

  • Organise the journey and book the airline or bus tickets to the end destination;
  • The return counsellors keep the migrants informed;
  • The migrants outside the reception network can, under certain conditions, temporarily stay in a reception centre before their departure;
  • Ensure that the travel documents are refunded;
  • Provide tickets for public transports  to travel to the airport or to the railway station;
  • Provide reception and assistance at departure and arrival, as well as transport for people unable to travel alone.

The programme also includes a reinstallation grant which is handed over on departure. For the countries with a visa obligation, this allowance is higher than for countries without a visa obligation.

Practical aspects

Migrants have to present themselves at the departure point in advance: three hours before departure at the airport and half an hour in advance at the bus station for journeys by bus. To be able to recognise the migrants, they are asked to carry the bag given by the IOM or Fedasil  in a visible way.

IOM Plastic bag