The voluntary return programme includes reintegration assistance in the home country. Reintegration is part of the voluntary return programme and helps to overcome problems which migrants may encounter on their return.

Partner organisations in the country of origin develop services and provide tools which help to proactively meet the returnees’ needs: set up an economic activity, refurbish or rent a house, look for a job, refund medical costs…

Reintegration partners

For the implementation of reintegration projects, Fedasil works with two organisations which benefit from a global network of partners: the IOM (International Organization for Migration) and Caritas International. These two organisations contact their local partners or offices to ensure the migrants’ reintegration under the best possible conditions. In addition, local reintegration partners provide information: they gather a maximum of data about the region or the city of the returnees, assess the socioeconomic situation and the different integration opportunities for migrants.

Reintegration allowances are not provided in cash to migrants but in the form of material assistance. These allowances must be used within twelve months after the return. During this one-year period, the IOM's and Caritas’s partners accompany the returnees and monitor their projects.

Access to reintegration

Access to reintegration  depends on the migrants’ individual situation: their home country, administrative status and vulnerability. When applying for a voluntary return, the return counsellors analyse the migrants’ personal situation and define their reintegration opportunities.

Reintegration assistance involves material assistance provided by the local partners. A reintegration allowance is fixed according to criteria which are defined beforehand by the programme. The local partner will also provide psychosocial, social and economic support to the returnees.