Who are these applicants for international protection?

Fedasil reception center
17,500 applicants for international protection are being received by Fedasil and its partners in Belgium. For the most part these are people who have fled the conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan.

Applicants for international protection are entitled to material assistance during the examination of their application for international protection. This assistance consists of receiving and guiding them within a reception structure managed by Fedasil or entrusted to its partners (the Red Cross, public social welfare centres, etc.). Applicants for international protection do not receive any financial assistance.

17,500 applicants for international protection are being received in Fedasil centres and by Fedasil’s partner organisations. A total of 19,500 places are available.

Applicants for international protection come from war-torn countries, mostly Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq - but also from Guinea or Palestine.

Fedasil receives families and single persons. 53% of the people received were members of a family (parents and children), 34% were single men, 7% were single women, and 6% were unaccompanied minors. Unaccompanied minors receive special accommodation and guidance.

Most of the people received are awaiting a decision from the asylum authorities.

To learn more about asylum statistics and recognition rates, please visit www.cgrs.be.