Translation and interpretation day

Rranslation and interpretation day
Brussel Onthaal and BIAL, the Brussels Institute for Applied Linguistics of the VUB (University of Brussels) work to improve the communication with new asylum seekers. Their project is subsidised this year by Fedasil.

September 30th is the international translation day. Since Fedasil often resorts to translators and interpreters, we would like to highlight a project on this occasion.


One of the projects subsidised this year by Fedasil is a project of the social translation agency of the ASBL Brussel Onthaal, in cooperation with the Brussels Institute for Applied Linguistics (BIAL) of the University of Brussels (VUB). The objective of the project is to improve the communication with asylum seekers during their intake by offering specific trainings to voluntary interpreters but also by developing linguistic tools in different languages. These tools can range from the creation of glossaries in different languages to the translation of audio recordings to.   


Therefore, several residents from the reception centres of Fedasil in Jodoigne and Sint-Truiden took part in a workshop during which they recorded, in their mother language, short animation films about the importance of vaccination.  With these films, our doctors and nurses can even better inform the new asylum seekers.


The results of the project will be bundled in a practical guideline and a final report that will be presented during a study day in December.