Additional reception places needed

Fedasil reception
Fedasil is faced with the saturation of its reception network for asylum seekers.

Fedasil's reception network has been under strong pressure for several months. In this context, Fedasil is seeking to rapidly increase its reception capacity in order to be able to accommodate all asylum seekers who are entitled to a reception place.

This crisis situation can be explained by multiple factors, such as the increase in asylum applications in Belgium, the extension of the length of stay in centres, the loss of reception capacity following the floods last July, the resettlement of Syrian refugees and the repatriation operation from Afghanistan. In addition, reception centres must reserve some places for the isolation of COVID-19 patients.

Fedasil is actively looking for additional places to rapidly increase its capacity. Several centres will open soon, but new sites are still needed.

Priority to the vulnerable

In the meantime, due to a lack of sufficient places, Fedasil cannot offer a place to all the people who arrive at the arrival centre in the morning (Petit-Château in Brussels). Only vulnerable applicants are guaranteed a place on the day. Depending on the number of places available, priority is given to families, unaccompanied minors and women.

The Fedasil reception network currently has almost 28,000 reception places, spread over 80 collective centres and individual accommodation organised by the PCSWs and associations. Occupancy in the centres is currently at 97%.