Are you our next reintegration partner?

Recently, a call for tender was issued within the context of the European Reintegration Network Specific Action. 

Due to an increase in demand the European Reintegration Network Specific Action (ERIN) is going to expand its services to other countries/regions. The recently published tender aims to contract organisations active in the following countries of origin:  Algeria, Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Eritrea, India, Central Iraq, Ivory Coast, Paraguay, Senegal, Central Somalia, Sudan and Ukraine.Civil society organisations interested in becoming an ERIN Service Provider are invited to submit a tender. The tender will close on 18 May 2016.The name of the call for tender is Tender ERIN Specific Action Project. The TenderNed reference number is 100100. The tender and the corresponding documents can be found at www.tenderned.nl/tenderned-english. More information in the notice below. ERIN Specific ActionERIN Specific Action is a joint European initiative by a number of governments in the area of return and reintegration to assist individuals returning to their country of origin. The project is co-financed by the European Commission via the AMIF. The objective of ERIN Specific Action is to lend assistance to migrants returning to their country of origin in the reintegration process following return. As the public administration in Belgium responsible for the organisation of the Voluntary Return and Reintegration Programme, Fedasil is playing an active role in this project.