Resettlement: meeting the Syrians in Lebanon

At the end of February, Fedasil went to Beirut to meet the Syrian refugees selected for resettlement in Belgium in 2016.

The CGRS selected the first group of Syrian refugees for resettlement in 2016. Fedasil went to Lebanon to tell them about their future life in Belgium. All in all, 132 Syrians are ready to come to our country. They should arrive at the end of April. Belgium aims to resettle a total of 550 refugees in 2016.One representative per centreThe Fedasil reception centres of Pondrôme, Sint-Truiden, Florennes and Kapellen are the initial reception points for the resettled refugees. Each centre appointed an employee to go and meet the refugees in Lebanon, and to organise various information workshops. Involving the staff in these missions helps ensure continuity between the selection of the refugees and their reception at a centre.This “cultural orientation” organised by the representatives of Fedasil, with the support of the local office of the IOM, is based around various subjects: education, employment, the cost of living, healthcare, family reunification, etc. It gives participants an idea of the different aspects of life in Belgium, and more specifically as a resettled refugee.Who are the refugees?The refugees are all Syrians and are currently located in Lebanon. They are a mixed group, including persons of different ethnic backgrounds and different religious beliefs. In addition, not all of them have the same level of education, and some have health issues.The group includes 62 children. The oldest have followed the explanations and activities provided by Fedasil and the younger ones have been provided with exercise books, colouring books and also a memory game on the subject of Belgium.