Voluntary returns increasing again

For several months now more and more people are voluntarily returning to their country. Many of them are Iraqis.

In June 2015 there were more voluntary returns. Each month more than 300 people were returning voluntarily. Moreover, September was a record month this year, especially for Fedasil's return office in Brussels. No fewer than 160 voluntary returns were organized, about double the monthly average. For the entire year 2015 the return office in Brussels is responsible for a third of all returns.More returns to IraqFor some weeks now there is a strong increase of voluntary returns to Iraq. On 1 October the count stood at 231 people, of whom 141 returned in September alone. To simplify the return, agreements were made with the consulate to quickly deliver the necessary documents and each week grouped flights to Iraq are organized. An Arabic speaker also works for the return desk in Brussels now.To increase the visibility of voluntary return amongst the Iraqis, informative posters in Arabic and English were put up in the reception centres, at the Immigration Office and at the return partners.Iraqis who voluntarily return to their country of origin receive a return premium and reintegration support to start a micro-business or to find a job. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Caritas International take care of the reintegration of people returning to Iraq, through their regional office or a local partner. The returnees are usually from Baghdad and sometimes from Iraqi Kurdistan (Erbil, Sulaymaniya).