Who are the asylum seekers?

Fedasil reception
Fedasil and its partners are receiving 33,000 asylum seekers in Belgium, one third of whom are minors.

Early May, the reception network of Fedasil is counting 33,100 residents. These asylum seekers are entitled to material assistance during the examination of their asylum application. This assistance consists in receiving and accompanying them in a reception structure managed by Fedasil or entrusted to a partner (the Red Cross, Public Centres for Social Welfare, etc.). Asylum seekers do not receive any financial assistance.


Fedasil receives families and single persons. 41% of the residents are members of a family (parents and children), 34% are single men, 10% are single women and 15% are unaccompanied minors (UM). UM receive special accommodation and accompaniment.

30% of our residents are minors (with family members or unaccompanied).

Asylum seekers come from war-torn countries, mostly Afghanistan, Palestine and Syria - but also Burundi, Eritrea or Guinea.

Most of the people received are awaiting a decision from the asylum authorities.

Waiting list

Since 2021, Fedasil has been confronted with a lack of places to receive all persons who apply for asylum in Belgium. To allocate the reception places, Fedasil gives priority to families and women. Single men must register on a waiting list and are gradually invited. There are currently 3,900 men on the waiting list, many of whom are temporarily accommodated in centres for homeless people in Brussels.

Within this context, Fedasil is seeking to rapidly increase its reception capacity to provide shelter to a maximum of persons.

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