Coronavirus: measures in the reception centres

Reception Fedasil
The asylum seekers in the centres of Fedasil and its partners are sensitized to the hygiene and containment measures.

The Belgian authorities are taking measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19. As a result, Fedasil adapts its instructions and preventive measures for the asylum seekers and the staff working in the centres, as well as for the external visitors.


Like all national institutions, the strict containment measures also apply to the centres for asylum seekers.

The movements of our residents inside and outside the reception centres are restricted. Non-essential visits and activities have been cancelled. And of course, our centres take strict preventive measures regarding hygiene.

Sensitize the asylum seekers

All these measures are told repeatedly to our asylum seekers. Fedasil has developed a range of tools in several languages and with many pictograms to fully sensitize the residents.

Our information website for asylum seekers (www.fedasilinfo.be) is also adapted to the latest measures against the coronavirus.

Community life requires more complex measures than a household, which sometimes requires us to be creative! If residents do no respect the containment or hygiene rules, the centre takes the necessary disciplinary measures.

Protect the most vulnerable

Fedasil also aims to protect the most vulnerable people of its reception network. The oldest residents and those who are already suffering from serious health problems have been sent to other reception places that are better suited for them - generally individual housing.

Arrival centre closed

Furthermore, in consultation with the Minister for Asylum and Migration, our colleagues of the Immigration Office have decided to temporarily stop the registration of new asylum applications. These registrations normally take place at the arrival centre (located in the “Petit-Château” in Brussels).

The aim is to avoid that people gather in groups outside the centre or in the waiting rooms. This measure is in force since 17 March and for an unlimited period. During this time, it is not possible to apply for asylum at the arrival centre.